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Easy to Clean & Install -- Simply remove the plant from your terrarium and give it a rinse with warm water, scrub off any debris, and sanitize. Use a powerful suction cup to fix green plants on your terrarium, which can work well in any aquatic environment and decorate your baby home.

Reptile Plant Decoration -- These plastic terrarium plants are designed to replicate a natural environment, allowing your pets to hide and roost. It provides a vibrant and colorful habitat, allowing your pets to have a kind of homeland in the wild feel.

Application Object -- Vines is suitable for reptiles, bearded dragon, spiders, hermit crabs, fish, frogs, geckos, chameleons, lizards and so on. Establishing a livable environment with interesting hiding spots and funny obstacles for your pets to explore.

Attention for first use: The surface of the leaves may be wrinkled during transportation; Please soak the plastic crawling plant in warm water for 15-30 minutes, which can relax the fabric and make the crawling plant more realistic.

Terrarium Hanging Plants Vines Artificial Leaves Habitat Decorations with Suctio

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