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Pangea Fruit Mix Gecko Treat™ is our original trademarked formula and is the foundation of our award-winning complete gecko diets! Pangea Treat is a low-protein version of our complete diet that entices picky eaters. It can be fed as the fruit portion of your gecko's diet along with at least one or two insect feedings per week.


High fruit-content gecko treat

Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals

Excellent diet amendment for picky eaters

Great diet choice for geckos alternating with insects

This crested gecko food is a fruit blend packed full of all the calcium, vitamins, trace elements, and other vital nutrients necessary for healthy geckos and great egg production! It is a delicious mix of bananas and papayas that your geckos will love. A varied diet is very beneficial for any animal and adding Pangea Fruit Mix Gecko Treat™ to your gecko’s feeding routine is a great way to provide a variety of food items without sacrificing nutrition.

Pangea Fruit Mix Gecko Treat™ is the result of over 5 years of development and testing culminating in a treat that has ideal levels of calcium for strong bones and egg laying, as well as the proper nutrients to keep your geckos healthy!


Mix 1 part powder with 2 parts water and adjust to achieve desired consistency. Prepared mix is good for up to 7 days if refrigerated. Open dry mix is good for 6 months at room temperature or 1 year if refrigerated. Unopened products are best before 24 months (see expiration date).

Pangea Gecko Treat

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