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Mixing Instructions: Mix 1 oz (approx. 1/4 cup) of Milk Replacer powder to 5.5 oz (approx. 3/4 cup) of boiling water. Mix thoroughly and let cool to 95° to 100°F (35 to 37.8°C) prior to feeding.

Feeding Instructions: Warm the formula to 85 degrees F, test the temperature on your wrist, then feed using the included syringe/nipple. Offer one small drop at a time by placing it on the mouth, being careful not to squirt into the nostrils or down the throat. Feeding portions will vary by species and age, contact a licensed wildlife rehabber for more detailed information and instructions.

1 week OOP (joey weighs 10-20g) = 0.5ml every 2 hrs

2 weeks OOP (joey weighs 14-24g) = 0.5ml every 2 hrs

3 weeks OOP (joey weighs 15-25g) = 1ml every 4 hrs

4 weeks OOP (joey weighs 21-32g) = 1ml every 4 hrs

5 weeks OOP (joey weighs 28-39g) = 2ml every 4 hrs

6 weeks OOP (joey weighs 33-44g) = 2ml every 4 hrs

7 weeks OOP (joey weighs 38-49g) = 3ml every 4 hrs

8 weeks OOP (joey weighs 43-59g) = 3ml every 4 hrs

Offer 4 ml every 4 hrs until joey begins eating solids and is an adult (weighs 85-139g).

Exotic Nutrition Marsupial Milk Replacer with Wonder nipple & Syringe Set

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